FCA Fertilisants, fervent defender of responsible agriculture

Based in Vireux-Molhain in the Ardennes, FCA Fertilisants specializes in the production of eco-alternative agricultural fertilizers. Founded in 1990 by Pascal Tronçon, the company is recognized for its innovative nature and sustainable approach.

In fact, the company has developed a complete range of fertilizers and natural fertilization supplements. The products offered come from a research program specializing in plant and soil nutrition. It contains the main components of traditional fertilizers to which are added two key certified innovations: Calkorium and Calkonutrium, making it possible to further stimulate the life of micro-organisms in the soil.

In addition to this commitment to sustainable agriculture, FCA Fertilisants is also innovative in its production method. The company plans to make significant investments in its production tools in order to strengthen the hardness of its micro-granules, thus reducing the quantity of fertilizer required for sowing.

The company regularly invests in research and development to improve its products and develop new solutions. The site currently produces 80,000 tonnes of pellets intended for the French market and export. Its products have attracted other markets such as Central Europe, Turkey, Spain, Africa and Viet Nam, currently representing 40% of the company’s turnover.

Over the years, FCA Fertilisants has maintained its uniqueness and continued its expansion, notably with its integration into the SHFC group, also managed by Pascal Tronçon. The family group currently brings together 3 complementary companies:

  • FCA Fertilisants (Vireux-Molhain, Ardennes): manufacturing of granulated and micro-granulated eco-alternative fertilizers
  • Fertilux (Grevenmacher, Luxembourg): manufacturing of foliar fertilization supplements (liquid or powder) and logistics site for Large Exports
  • Alliance Agricole (Attigny, Ardennes): advice and distribution of global agricultural supply solutions in the Marne/Ardennes sector.

FCA Fertilisants has thus become a reference in the field of fertilizers in France and abroad. From Vireux-Molhain, the company with 34 employees is an example of success for the Ardennes department. Its innovative nature has allowed it to meet the growing needs of farmers in terms of eco-responsible fertilization and its commitment to sustainability makes it a company to follow closely.

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