Prevent disease and pathogen attacks

AN indispensable element

For years, numerous scientific experiments have presented silicon as an essential element in plant nutrition. More than a nutrient to increase crop yield, it fights against biotic and abiotic stresses, such as:

  • Water stress
  • Fungal infections
  • Insect attacks
  • Virus diseases
  • Heavy metal toxicity

Silicon, which is favorable to good crop health, enables a disease prevention strategy to be initiated upstream. And for good reason: a plant that grows well is a plant that requires fewer phytosanitary treatments because it is less sensitive to attacks by pathogens.

FCA Fertilisants offers unique formulas combining prebiotic premixes rich in microorganisms and effective sources of silicon.

  • Bacterial activity increases the solubilization and assimilation by plants of the silicon naturally contained in the soil.
  • The assimilable silicon contained in the formulas acts to fight against any induced deficiency.

our expertise

By combining selected microorganisms and assimilable silicon, FCA Fertilisants formulas meet the dual challenge of improving results and plant health.
  • Silicon increases the resistance of plant cells. It thus allows better circulation of sap, therefore nutrients and water. The plant is better nourished and more resistant to drought.
  • Silicon strengthens the plant's immune system by being a co-factor in the synthesis of anti-fungal phytomolecules.
  • Silicon fights against insects by strengthening the epidermis of the leaves and having abrasive qualities on the integuments of pathogenic larvae.

The silicon range offered by FCA Fertilisants is faithful to the company’s commitments relating to the improvement of plant and human health, such as:

  • The fight against global warming by being an official partner of the 4 per 1000 initiative
  • The development of agro-ecological practices through training

THE Silicon

To meet the overall increase in crop yields, the silicon requirements of plants are greater than what the soil system, although naturally well supplied, is able to release. An assimilable silicon supplementation is therefore essential to ensure quality yields and guarantee the good health of the plants.

Concrete benefits

Assimilable silicon has the ability to co-precipitate with heavy metals, in order to reduce their toxicity for plants and humans.By improving the assimilation capacities of all nutrients, FCA Fertilizers silicon formulas increase the nutritional qualities of harvested agricultural raw materials.A diet rich in silicon helps, among other things, to maintain bone health and protect the immune system.