Established over the long term, fruit arboriculture requires constant hydromineral nutrition, both in major elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and in trace elements. In agriculture, the bioavailability of all these elements is essential. The same is true for the nutrition of fruit trees and the production of qualitative fruit. The nutritional, taste and storage capacities of the fruits must in fact comply with strict specifications for their marketing.

Each major element plays a fundamental role in agriculture, in particular in arboriculture via the metabolism of fruit trees: 


Fruit growing requires that the trees have a sufficiently developed root system and well-structured soil. This ensures optimal nutrition for trees and fruit, and it limits the formation of deficiencies.

Fruit tree growers must therefore aim for these two objectives. Good practices and techniques should be developed for optimal fruit productionas well as sustainable management of fruit trees and plots:

  • Provide sufficient calcium, magnesium and organic nutrition to maintain good soil structure
  • Practice fertilization respecting the agro-ecological rules for the development of biological activity (inter-row grass strips, respect for soil microfauna, etc.)
  • Promote the symbiosis of the rhizosphere between tree roots and fungal and microbial flora

This last point is fundamental for a fruit crop established on the same orchards for several years.

For optimal production in arboriculture

Do you want to know the existing means to promote the development of good practices in arboriculture?

FCA Fertilisants supports all types of producers, including arborists, in the root development of fruit trees, as well as in improving the bioavailability of major elements and trace elements naturally present in the soil. For this, the company uses a prebiotic premix in its Calkorium range, a precursor to soil biological activity, and a pool of microorganisms favorable to the root development of fruit trees through its Calkonutrium range.

Organic fertilization solutions are available for all types of crops, especially for organic fruit growing. In addition, training on biological soil fertility is available.

An improvement in fruit production in arboriculture is reflected not only in the yields on the plot, but also and above all on the nutritional and conservation qualities of the fruits.