Vine culture is a passionate profession. Established for several years, vines face various hazards between grape harvests. Downy mildew, powdery mildew, drought, frost and deficiencies in essential elements are all limiting factors that can disrupt the plant cycle throughout a campaign and during the life of its exploitation.

Established on specific terroirs which give their characteristics to wine, vines often suffer from deficiencies in major elements and micro-elements. It is not uncommon, for example, to observe that iron is not available and assimilable when the soil pH exceeds 7. This generates ferric chlorosis which results in yellowing of vine leaves around their ribs caused by a decrease in photosynthetic activity. The synthesis of sugars and their accumulation in the grape clusters are therefore reduced. The whole metabolism is then impacted.


Winegrower must help vines to intensify the symbiosis between plants and soil micro-organisms to fight against:

  • The lack of bioavailability of essential elements for the development of the vine
  • Fungal diseases
It is therefore necessary to stimulate certain fungi in the soil such as trichoderma and other mycorrhizae so as to effectively fight against the colonization of pathogenic species by hygienizing the rhizosphere of plants. This creates a real natural protective barrier. Their enzymatic activity also makes it possible to make available the nutrients blocked by excessively high pHs levels. The development of fungi in the root hair of vine plants helps to combat periods of drought.Do you want to make sure you have healthy vines as well as quantity and quality of grapes? Discover the fertilization solutions working for the optimal and sustainable development of your vine.

For better wine production

Designed to allow the development of microorganisms including specific fungi and bacteria, the Calkorium and Calkonutrium fertilization ranges are real assets in the fight against: fungal diseases, prolonged droughts or nutrient deficiencies.

The Calborium and Calkonutrium prebiotic premixes ensure perfect inoculation of the elements as well as optimal biological activity in the soil. They thus make it possible to obtain each year bountiful harvests of grape clusters both in terms of quantity and quality.