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FCA Fertilisants Calkorium fertilizers are innovative solutions, acting on soil balance and fertility, as well as on the quality and quantity of yields.

The yield potential of agricultural soil varies from one field to another depending on various elements: its natural balance, its pH, its organic matter content, and its biological activity. For example, a low pH will result in a decrease in biological activity in the soil, therefore a decrease in mineralization and humification. This translates concretely to a near absence of earthworms, demonstrating a lack of dynamism in the life of the soil. Due to the low content of organic matter in the soil, there is a limitation in the increase in agricultural yields.

Fertilizers enriched with Calkorium are formulated to nourish and develop soil life, increasing the reserve of mineral elements. They contain various elements: phosphorus, nitrogen, potash, sulfur, and others. These fertilizers nourish plants and boost the biological activity of the soil. This increases the mineralization of organic matter, which is responsible, among other things, for yield levels and soil fertility.



Calkorium is a natural premix that meets the limits observed by the use of chemical fertilizers. By being added to our fertilizers, it nourishes the microorganisms naturally present in the soil. The premix acts on biodiversity in the soil, which allows better assimilation of nutrients by plants. It also has a role of bio-activator with respect to all the mineral elements: phosphorus, nitrogen, potash, and others.

Calkorium has the advantage of better solubilizing the macro-elements (calcium, magnesium, etc.) and the trace elements (boron, zinc, selenium, etc.) which the plant needs.

Phosphorus is a demanding element that needs to be applied in the fields as close as possible to the plant's needs in time and space, without which it cannot be assimilated by plants. In fact, the more time passes, the more this element retrogrades in the ground. The demotion of phosphorus prevents the plant from assimilating it. By nourishing soil bacteria, Calkorium allows the secretion of enzymes that dissolve phosphorus in an optimal and lasting way.

Chemical nitrogen causes environmental problems through the leaching of nitrate residues to the groundwater, if not managed properly. By reactivating the microbiological system of soils, Calkorium optimizes the absorption of nitrogen by plants. This reduces the amount of fertilizer needed and limits the risk of chemical nitrogen leaching when the soil life is too low.

Potassium can also leach out. This is all the more problematic for solutions based on potassium chloride, the chlorine inputs of which are harmful to soil life and plant nutrition. The solutions offered by FCA Fertilisants are designed essentially from potassium sulphate, less leachable than a chloride. By optimizing the absorption of potash by the plant, Calkorium limits leaching. This is possible thanks to its natural chelating power and the revitalization of soil life.

Sulfur of vegetable origin promotes interactions between the elements present in our fertilizers, in particular nitrogen. By stimulating life in soils, Calkorium strengthens the beneficial effects of plant-based sulfur and stimulates the interactions between sulfur and nitrogen (the presence of one of these elements in the soil promotes the assimilation of the other).

Your soil test

Soil analysis is a prerequisite to ensure that the correct elements are applied according to your crop, and in an amount specifically adapted to the nutritional needs of the plants. And this, in addition to responding to the natural balance of your soils.

Did you know ? Spreading a large amount of fertilizers to increase yields is often not effective, and can have adverse effects on yields and the environment. By doing an analysis, you are able to know the elements and the quantity required to rebalance the life of your soils. This rebalancing enriches your crops, which has a positive and lasting impact on your yields.

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Calko Pro

The Calko Pro range at Calkorium offers nitrogen fertilizers that help plants absorb more nitrogen naturally present in the soil. These fertilizers directly revitalize soil life, transform organic matter and guarantee better synergy between nitrogen and sulfur of plant origin.

The Calko Pro range of fertilizers gradually reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer spreading, ensuring that plants consume nitrogen sustainably and independently. These solutions also play a major role in reducing environmental pollution by reducing nitrate residues in soils or in groundwater.

Calko PK

The Calko PK range at Calkorium offers background fertilizers which represent an appropriate solution for starting crops. They create a fertile environment, helping the plant to grow so that it can be able to sustainably fight against pathogenic aggressions.

The fertilizers of the Calko PK range create a healthy environment that facilitates plant nutrition. They allow plants to absorb phosphorus and potash at all times, preventing them from downgrading or leaching out. Calko PK solutions also fight against leaching and downshifting by optimizing the absorption of nutritional elements by the plant.

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Calko NPK

The Calko NPK range at Calkorium offers a balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur adapted to the specific needs of the plant and the natural richness of the soil. They offer an absorption of the elements that’s both fast enough to correct a specific problem, and slow enough to allow the plant to nourish itself durably.

The fertilizers of the Calko NPK range are mainly created from raw materials of natural origin. NPK fertilizers at FCA Fertilisants increase the absorption of fertilizer units by around 30% compared to synthetic fertilizers on the market.

Calko PH

The Calko pH range at Calkorium is mainly composed of calcium and magnesium which favorably maintain the structure and pH of soils. These solutions act directly on the root development of plants and allow optimal germination conditions. Adapted to all types of soil, the Calko PH range helps control surface acidity and combat its effects.

By fighting against acidity, the fertilizers of the Calko PH range reinforce biological activity and thus increase soil fertility.

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Bio' Nutrium

The Bio’Nutrium Calkorium range is specially designed from raw materials of natural origin, following the principles of organic farming. Thus, each contribution offered by a Bio ’Nutrium formula optimizes at least one stage of the natural cycle of soils and plants. Certified solutions suitable for organic farming, the solutions offered respect natural ecosystems.

The fertilizers in the Bio Nutrium range enhance the cycle of organic materials responsible for the agronomic balance of the soil. They work for this on the dynamics of the main elements that compose them: phosphorus, potash, nitrogen, etc.

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