Increase the quality of nitrogen fertilizers while reducing their quantity.


Crop yields have been stagnating for years, despite increased use of nitrogen fertilizers and advances in genetics. Opting for a larger volume of nitrogen supply has no significant impact on increasing yields in the long term. This also generates pollution of water and ecosystems by the leaching of nitrates.

The use of nitrogen by plants is nevertheless essential to maintain their productivity. It is therefore essential to couple the supply of nitrogen fertilizers with a premix allowing maximum recovery by plants and a reduction in the level of residual nitrate.

Calkorium’s range of nitrogen fertilizers and Calkonutrium fertilization supplements reactivate the microbiological system of soils. This has the effect of developing the root system of plants, increasing the bioavailability of nitrogen naturally present in the soil, as well as reducing the quantities of fertilizers and the risks of pollution


Different ranges of nitrogen-based fertilizers are available. Calkorium nitrogen fertilizers nourish and develop microorganisms naturally present in the soil. Calkonutrium fertilization supplements increase soil efficiency thanks to the inoculating action of microorganisms. Once applied, these microorganisms directly join their ecological niches so as to optimize the absorption of nutrients by the plant, their natural resistance to diseases. Microorganisms also participate in the root development of plants. This generates sustainable yields, and an increase in production.
The ranges of Calkorium fertilizers and Calkonutrium fertilization supplements were developed by FCA Fertilisants. Certain formulas are approved and usable in organic farming.


Choosing a range of nitrogen fertilizers is based on two main criteria: the level of organic matter in the soil, and the nutrient requirements of the plant. The Calkorium premix range of nitrogen fertilizers are specially designed to boost the biological activity of soils.

Calkonutrium premix nitrogen fertilizers are beneficial for “tired” soils with low biological activity and needing to be sanitized.

By opting for the Calkorium premix, several ranges are offered: Bio’Nutrium, Calko Pro, Calko NPK, Calko PK, Calko PH. Thanks to the Cakorium premix, all these ranges make it possible to increase the bioavailability of the nitrogen naturally contained in soils.

Calkorium nitrogen fertilizer range

To increase the growth and vitality of the plant
Products made from nitrogen that stimulate microorganisms naturally present in the soil

Nitrogen fertilization supplements with Calkonutrium

To stimulate growth, vitality and the development of the plant’s natural defenses
Products made from nitrogen, containing microorganisms specifically selected to inoculate the soil
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