Research & Development in Agronomy

Patent on stable inoculation of microorganisms in a fertilizer

Giving an economical, ecological and agronomical meaning to our clients’ purchases, and at the same time preserving the environment, is a priority for us.

Within this area, FCA FERTILISANTS has adopted a Research & Development program responsible for our innovations in the plants nutrition and the improvement of soil fertility.

Innovative approach to plant nutrition

FCA FERTILISANTS has efficient and innovative industrial facilities. We are the first European manufacturer who owns technological patents which guarantee the optimal formulation of our fertilizing specialities.

Eco-productive fertilizers and Quality

In order to ensure high standards in terms of product quality, FCA FERTILISANTS has developed a double system of quality management:

  • A continuous self-inspection system, in its own laboratory, at each step of the product manufacturing: from the intake of the raw materials up to the finished goods,
  • An external audit system in partnership with a network of independent and accredited laboratories.

This double quality control completes our traceability management.

Circular Economy

The continuous improvement of our processes and fertilization programs are in line with the circular economy requirements.