Manufacturer of Eco-productive Fertilizers

Since 1990, FCA FERTILISANTS is your French Eco-productive fertilizers manufacturer having an international distribution network. Regardless of your crop, our fertilizing programs allow you to optimize your economic and qualitative results, while preserving your soils and the ecosystems. Contact us.

The scalable fertilization

The agriculture of the 21st century must face several challenges:

  • Feeding the expanding world population,
  • Producing “clean”, taking into account the environmental aspect,
  • Facing the scarcity of non-renewable raw materials,
  • Preserving the “soil heritage” to pass it on to future generations.

Nutritional programs for plants and soils adapted to each region

Faced with these challenges, FCA FERTILISANTS offers, since 1990 "nutritional programs for plants and soils" adapted to each region. The innovations from our research programs in “Soils biology – soil / plant relationships” which have been validated through tests performed by accredited laboratories as well as in experimental farms, are a crucial key focus to develop a profitable and responsible fertilization.

Our status as Eco-productive fertilizers manufacturer, as well as our practical experience, allow us to be sure that a sustainable agriculture must be based on Agrology, i.e. on the understanding of the laws governing the soil and its relationship with plants. Our perfect knowledge of farmland is fundamental.

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