Meeting the nutritional needs of plants and combating soil pollution


PK fertilizers are binary solutions, generally used for soils with a low content of phosphorus and potassium. The single use of this type of fertilizer improves the flowering process of plants, without however ensuring crop yields. And for good reason: PK elements are not enough to meet all the nutritional needs of plants. Macroelements such as sulfur or magnesium, trace elements, and naturally occurring nitrogen in the soil are essential to enhance the benefits of PK fertilizers on yield growth. 

Using PK fertilizers by stimulating in parallel the natural presence of macro-elements, trace elements and nitrogen in the soil, allows to boost the quantity and the sustainability of the yield.
The ranges of Calkorium fertilizers formulated from potassium and phosphorus are designed to revitalize the microbiological life of soils. This allows the plant to benefit from all the elements it needs to feed itself, and to avoid the appearance of deficiencies in the long term. By promoting the biological activity of soils, PK fertilizers with Calkorium limit pollution, in particular via the effects of leaching and downshifting.


Like NPK fertilizers, the choice of PK fertilizer formula is based on specific criteria: the type of plant, soil analysis, and the level of restitution of residues from the previous crop.

Crop species have different phosphorus and potassium requirements, as well as absorption levels of fertilizers that differ from plant to plant. The soil analysis makes it possible to verify the bioavailability of PK elements in the soil, in particular via the rate of residues returned during previous harvests. The interpretation of the results is done according to the level of requirements of the crops.

Calkorium fertilization products meet the phosphorus and potassium requirements of the soil, which promotes root development and flowering of the plant. The action of the proposed solutions also makes it possible to stimulate soil micro-organisms. By naturally revitalizing the biological life of the earth, PK fertilizers with Calkorium reduce pollution.

Indeed, they limit the leaching of potash which preserves the quality of soil water, and promote the absorption of phosphorus by plants by limiting the downgrading of this element in the soil.

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Several formulas of Calkorium fertilizers based on phosphorus and potassium are available. They make it possible to increase flowering and root development of plants, but also to stimulate the biological life of the soil, which offers a qualitative, quantitative and sustainable yield. PK fertilizers with Calkorium have a favorable impact on the growth and vitality of the plant. The Calkonutrium fertilization supplements allow growth, vitality and the development of the plant’s natural defenses, which optimizes plant health and the sustainability of yields in crops.

By opting for the Calkorium premix, several ranges are offered: Calko PK, Bio’Nutrium, Calko NPK, Calko Pro, Calko PH. These ranges allow the plant to nourish itself optimally thanks to the following elements: phosphorus, potassium, micro-elements, trace elements but also via the nitrogen naturally present in the soil.

The PK fertilizer ranges with Calkorium

To increase the growth and vitality of the plant
Products made from phosphorus and potassium which stimulate microorganisms naturally present in the soil

PK fertilization supplements with Calkonutrium

To stimulate growth, vitality and the development of the plant’s natural defenses
Products made from phosphorus, potassium and specific microorganisms to inoculate the soil
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