Strengthen plant growth and reduce soil pollution


The phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen that make up NPK fertilizers partially meet the nutritional needs of plants, which is not enough. Limiting yourself to the single use of these three elements minimizes the possible increase in the quantity and quality of yields. And for good reason: not all the nutritional needs of plants are met. The absorption of macro-elements (calcium, magnesium, sulfur, others) and trace elements (zinc, boron, selenium others) is also essential for the growth of plants.
Coupling the use of NPK fertilizers with other macro-elements and trace elements present in the soil, allows an improvement in the quantity and quality of yields.

The Calkorium ranges of phosphorus, potash and nitrogen fertilizers develop and stimulate soil microorganisms. This allows the plant to assimilate all the nutrients it needs in the short and long term which avoids deficiencies. The reactivation of biodiversity thus has a positive and lasting impact on the soil, as well as on the yield of plants.


Different ranges of Calkorium fertilizers based on phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen are available. They make it possible to stimulate the biological activity of the soils, while ensuring an optimal yield.
The action of Calkorium responds to the problems observed in crops fed with chemical NPK fertilizers. Phosphorus has the characteristic of rapidly demotion in the soil after a certain period of time, which makes it difficult for the plant to assimilate. The use of the premix with Calkorium generates secretion of enzymes by soil microorganisms, which facilitates the solubilization of phosphorus present in the soil, and therefore its absorption by the plant.
Calkorium solutions also respond to the problems of pollution and leaching of nitrate residues, generally caused by too high a supply of nitrogen and potash. By reactivating the biological life of the soil, this premix promotes the absorption of nitrogen naturally present in the soil by the plant. This reduces the amount of nitrogen needed, which reduces the risk of pollution of water and groundwater.
Calkorium solutions limit the leaching of potash by being formulated from potassium sulphate, which is less washable than a chloride.
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The choice of a range of NPK fertilizers is made taking into account two criteria: the level of organic matter in the soil and the nutritional requirements of plants.

The ranges of NPK Calkorium fertilizers are specifically created to meet the needs of soils whose organic activity is slowed down. The Calkonutrium fertilization supplements are created for soils with a strongly slowed down biological activity and participate in their hygienization.
By choosing the Calkorium premix, various ranges are offered: Bio’Nutrium, Calko NPK, Calko PH, Calko PK, Calko Pro. The use of NPK Calkorium fertilizers makes it possible to meet the plant’s need for micro-elements and trace elements, in addition to nourishing it via phosphorus, potash, and nitrogen.

The ranges of NPK fertilizers at Calkorium

To increase the growth and vitality of the plant
Products made from nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that stimulate microorganisms naturally present in the soil

NPK fertilization supplements with Calkonutrium

To stimulate growth, vitality and the development of the plant’s natural defenses
Products made from nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and microorganisms to inoculate soils
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