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Optimize agricultural production costs.

A player in the circular economy serving agro-ecology, FCA Fertilisants has been formulating natural alternatives to synthetic fertilizers since 1990. Pascal Tronçon (photo), founder and managing director, is accompanied in this mission by Sébastien David, engineer. Explanations.

How are your eco-fertilizers designed?

Our job is to select raw materials of natural origin in order to produce eco-alternative fertilizers to synthetic fertilizers. For our new range, Optim’Azote, we have added to our premix technology micro-organisms specifically selected to capture nitrogen from the air and make it assimilable by plants. Added to this are trace elements and nutrients naturally contained in our premixes, which boost the living fertility of the soil.

“Our driving force: using the power of nature to serve the farmer”

Does the Optim’Azote range help to optimize the production costs of agricultural crops?

The soil is like a full safe: it is rich. There are more living organisms in a tablespoon of soil than there are humans on the planet! Our mission is to open this safe using our nutritious premixes. As part of a circular economy, these eco-fertilizers preserve the living fertility of soils and strengthen their production capacities by making them more efficient. Our production method allows us to present a carbon footprint almost 10 times lower than that of synthetic fertilizers. All our eco-fertilizers are therefore good for our environment and for our farmers.

Find the article in Challenge Magazine, published on April 25, 2024.